(Junior) A&R Manager

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(Junior) A&R Manager

Do you recognize amazing talent from afar and have a keen ear for potential hit songs? Do you feel right at home in the dance music world and are you always working hard to maintain and expand your network? Do you know what makes or breaks a record? Then you’re the one we’re looking for! We’re currently hiring a …

Full-time · Amsterdam / London


Our new (Junior) A&R Manager will be part of an international team of A&R managers and will report to the Head of A&R Operations. They have an expansive network within the (dance) music industry and knows how to use it. They will focus on inviting new and established artists to our offices ensuring professional relationship management, and additionally be involved with Armada (office) Invites and events.

What will you be doing?

 You will scout and sign talented artists making waves on a global scale;

 You will maintain existing relationships with artists and nurture/develop your own acts;

 You will actively search for artists, writers, producers, toplines, remixers and other specialized talent able to contribute or add to the quality of our releases and our repertoire;

 You will match the right people by making perfect use of your connections within the music industry;

 You will visit performances, showcases, club nights and similar events to discover new talent and maintain existing relationships;

 You will gather all the necessary information from all parties involved in a record deal;

 You will create and oversee release plans made in tandem with the assigned Marketing or Product Manager (and the PR, Creative and Digital teams);

 You will use your knowledge of dance music to help releases realize their potential;

 You will collaborate with the Product and Marketing team in developing marketing assets, strategies, marketing plans and campaigns.

 You will attend Armada related ‘Club’ events, festivals and parties as an A&R representative. 


 You are extremely passionate about dance music;

 You preferably bring some experience in a similar role;

 You know all there is to know about dance music and Armada Music, and you are extremely knowledgeable about the discographies of relevant artists and catalogs from many other labels worldwide

 You know how record labels operate, especially in terms of product marketing, business occasions, A&R administration and more;

 You’re able to cope with pressure and changing deadlines extremely well; you’re able to keep your head straight while working on multiple projects at the same time;

 You’re the boss when it comes to negotiating deals;

 You love working in tandem with all of the company’s different departments to get results fast;

 You have a broad musical taste and are well-known with dance music’s many different sub genres;

 You are resourceful, creative and you live and breathe dance music;

 You are a team player;

 You currently live in or near Amsterdam or London.


At Armada Music, you’ll be pursuing your passion on an international scale. Calling an inspiring and musical environment home, you’ll bump fists with a young and dynamic team of skilled coworkers, both during office hours and at Friday afternoon drinks. O, and we’ll pay you a monthly salary befitting your age and experience and offer favorable secondary working conditions. And one more thing, please keep in mind that this position is at our office in Amsterdam, London or New York. Therefore, we prefer applicants who live in or around one of these beautiful city with a reasonable travel distance to our office.

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What I like most about my job at Armada is that they give me the space to be creative and use my skills in the best possible way. From the beginning, there was a lot of trust and support to achieve what I wanted to achieve in this company. This gives me the motivation and inspiration to develop and fully commit to Armada Music and achieve bigger results, together.



Here at Armada, I have the complete creative freedom to be able to follow my musical intuition and, most importantly, my gut instinct. Having trust instilled into me from the top down is a key aspect to me being a successful A&R Manager in the dance music industry.



My love for music is the reason I started working at Armada Music, and I feel blessed being able to share our music with the world every day. It’s more than that though. Everyone who’s working at Armada does so because of a passion. It’s in the simple things. Being able to share my enthusiasm about a track, an artist, a small melody in a great tune or to simply enjoy live music together with colleagues is something I value highly and am very grateful for having. If I’m completely honest, there’s not been one day where I didn’t feel like going to work. I just love it! Armada is my home.



No day is the same. The music industry is hyper dynamic, so the way in which we approach our activities and business model can change from month to month. To meet our ambitions, we need to be flexible, smart and fast. It is an environment where we need to challenge ourselves every day, but the possibilities are endless. If you have a good idea and a solid plan, chances are pretty good you get to bring it to life!



In 2003, I founded Armada Music with Armin van Buuren and David Lewis for one simple reason: because of a genuine love for dance music. Because of the amazing people here, that reason still holds true today. Every day, we connect through a mutual passion and put our heart and soul into everything we do. We inspire ourselves and each other, just so we can give the music the platform it deserves. 



The Armada family is defined by a blend of talented creatives, marketing specialists, legal and financial people (and more) with a true passion for music. It is the heart and soul of the company, something you can feel everywhere and in everyone who works here. Being part of such a family inspires me every single day.